The Great Work is Complete

The bow is drawn and the arrow pierces the seven rays
The nail of sacrifice on earth now in the center as the Sun rises
Creation from the tears and fire of the Mothers Deeps cauldron.

For the scarlet child of Lilith and Eve name is revealed יוסף
For His a creation not recognized for he did not hold the mark on his brow, but the seeds of the divine of the highest tree of knowledge which grows from the golden stone.

The Seventh Aeon of “Vau” the Kingdom 318
Rejoice for the only sin is restriction… that of He’ whom sat on the back of Eve. He’ (Adam) art as a raven feds on the skull on fallow earth. He’ whom abused Lilith. He’ never to allow יוסף to be known of the greatest mystery. He’ whom has labeled and hidden all truth, for the sake of control. He’ whom is never satisfied in all forms of the universe. Had/Yod for He’ will be searching within the circle of life infinite, since never living in Truth

Then as the nail enters the center the sight of the heavens bring all as one

Even the Bees dance with the serpent in the rain.
The A.A are once again set free
Rejoice as the shadows pass into crystalized quartz for Samael the shield against hast has been removed of what falsehoods had bound all the great workers of the ever enlightenment of the truest gold. Those that bring the lost clarity to rise, a message of hope is now renewal

For He’ forsaken to place a veil of ill idols whom never would allow the material work to be of one, but always unsatisfied by limitations and falsehood to keeping the knowledge of the greatest mysteries. Paint them a God that restricts, paint them a God that only a few may idol, Paint them a God without his whole. The Goddess. For He’ striping the Free Will of the greatest planted seed in each child, whom is to grow as the creator of their own Will. For He’ gave them a God whom honors restriction, and all is but a sin, and not joy.

The Tzaddi and He’ misguided to place a mask on the light, to stop the rebirth of the new Aeon, whom is of the creation of the greatest sacrifice. The purest love, only of selflessness. Graced with illness, to bring compassion to those whoms heart would not walk in the shadow to learn the archs between the worlds.

The giver of all life, the child. For when the spirit of the child rose from the rays, the echoes of slander fell into the chamber in with He’ the selfish with seek control and false wealth infinitely with those that so designed. Each granted to hold the keys, of their own creation once again..

The child rises with the seven A.A to open that of what had been closed, and giving all the keys…To the pure and innocent that had been given an idol ill-willed God and falsehoods to seek truth.. and to thy shall become the A.A of tomorrow…

Rejoice, Rejoice.. for the Kingdom and the Veil is filled with Gold of the philosophers. Take your fill, that has been withheld from you. Create, for your green is another’s white, and all is of one. We design our worlds, our heavens. Rejoice, for you are all Stars. The creation, you have not been satisfied to finding, now understood. You are the creator, the father, the mother, the fox, the dove within, design, and rejoice to seeing all around you as yours, the keeper and your heaven await.

Paint your soul gold.. For all is of the same that comes within.
Design what you allow, remove what it is that has been holding back your wings..

Love is the Law.


written :Daughter of Goddess Lilith jul
The Asc of Sagittarius (Lilith and Eve descendant)
The Sun of Pisces ( Ruled by the Moon, death)
Ruling Planet of Venus exalted in Libra THE OX GOAD

Mikhail Ivanovich Kurilko
‘The Winner and Life’ (1913)


The message:  The Seventh Aeon of “Vau” the Kingdom of יוסף 318

The Great Work is Complete 

To every ear that is to heavenly harmony attuned

For He is She and She is He,
The birth of the highest and purest light is within the deepest and darkest of the Elements.
As we stand amongst the sacred trees
She bears within her body the secret of the future and he the key
As so each infinitely connects as one by the sacred invisible dark matter as the most immaculate creation spun out of the Mothers Deep
Each creation as the first a blind impulse of attraction,
As the world’s soul rebirths in tune so does the echoes an egg of intention from of each creation, the egg as manifested in tune spirals the rhythm of the highest sacred love
As we in whole had been divided, for this blessed gift from the divine. If not to then how does the infinite universe continue if unknown to love? As so we are the creators and destruction onto by our manifested intent. The key to the highest magickal ritual, let it be LOVE

Endlessly we seek the egg, between worlds, between each Aeon of the Universe, yet no matter how destructive ever the chance to find our whole.

For we do not need to seek far, if we are of the purest intentions and light.
The twin spiral force of creation in perfect equilibrium with be complete.
For they have never been without.

To quote Rosicrucian doctrine of Tetragrammaton
“There is not a planet in the firmament
But in his motion like an angel sings
Still quiring to the young-eyed Cherubim
But while this muddy vesture of decay
Doth wrap us round, our nature cannot hear it”

May they find the Truth, so come to the knowledge of the highest H.G.A and accomplish the Great Work for this message my completion 
written by-Daughter of Goddess Lilith -Juli Sun יוסף  whom awaits me in the Kingdom
1.8.18 Moon 18 Cap 51’14"
Venus27 Sag 21’ 1"
Lilith 6 Cap 47’55"
So it is to be Love….. everlasting Love

There is love and Love. Prem, Agape, Divine Love is that power which brings the influence of True Will down to the magician. It is the Holy Guardian Angel’s abiding love for us, which keeps his persistence in the face of our indifference.

As Louis Martinié writes, “Love is the road that Will walks, guided by the Star.”

Love is the means of transmitting the energy of the firmament to humankind. When channeled through a guru, the Hindus call this energy shaktipat….

by Daughter of Goddess Lilith

art:Mary L. Macomber – Night and Her Daughter Sleep, 1902

When you have reached the point when you have tried and gave your heart mind body and soul, and still are left with pain…

It is time to RECLAIM your inner GODDESS…

Oh Trust me, she has been with you and waiting…

As you focus on your goddess, shit will finally start to fall into place where it is meant to be…

Head up, chin up, arms up… say


If you want to call the Goddess of Crossroads for Hekate is she..


❤ YOU ARE A GOD & GODDESS….we tend to forget along the way…. until we reach that crossroad when NOTHING IS LEFT TO TAKE! Hekate… will so appear, the only thing left is FAITH….May the INTENT BE OF GOOD AND NO HARM TO NONE>>> FOR THE LAW OF THREE WILL BE YOU SEE>>>>


Goddess of Crossroads Hekate….Hekate… In Her Flames and will, Goddess I call to open doorways and enact change….Hekate shrine and its special incense for censing it at the New Moon. The keys are below, some forms removed you see, for the truest will can only see… be warned in advance not all is within this form, it is the will to want to find the keys from the missing parts…“ The words are spoken not from time of homes, so within the words are very ancients tones…” Under the tree I offer a key to thee….as one to being among-st the house…

“’That they themselves suggested how even their statues ought to be made, and of what kind of material, shall be shown by the response of Hecate in the following form:

“My image purify, as I shall show:

Of wild rue form the frame, and deck it o’er

With lizards such as run about the house;

These mix with resin, myrrh, and frankincense,

Pound all together in the open air

Under the crescent moon, and add this vow.”

‘Then she set forth the vow, and showed how many lizards must be taken:

“Take lizards many as my many forms,

And do all this with care. My spacious house

With branches of self-planted laurel form.

Then to my image offer many a prayer,

And in thy sleep thou shalt behold me nigh.”

‘And again in another place she described an image of herself of this same kind.

a poem…by.- Daughter of Goddess Lilith…. 

art  Daughter of Goddess Lilith

“The Broken manifests Light.
The UnBroken finds love in the Darkness.
Unity in duality as peace… the generations of love forever will shine… ” – Daughter of Goddess Lilith Wiccan/Pagan Solitary

The manifestation even of God does not appear until Tiphareth; and The universe itself not until Malkuth the Goddess. The veil hidden before the Magus is the key. A negative… Silence..

It is within as pure without the learning/ just as of new birth. It is hidden in Plato’s cave and to being the apology…. of man kind.

Rewind often, remove the light provided externally within unity, and accept that of what was not spoken.

Pureness is within darkness of one’s being.

To Be, To Being To no Being… in three as one.

The meaning is found before the knowing

Within “The Word” comes manifestation of an altered knowing.

The sacred union a negative of that is told.

It is the sacred pure soul within, one must hold in honor. She is within your unaltered silence….if even within death and in new life there is but silence….

A man without a tongue cannot concur another spirit without common words. It is the feeling and emotion in silence. A woman whom cannot hear can not hold fault to her spirit if it does not follow spoken verbs to her externally, for it is within .

Both blessed with spirit higher to guide. It is those that hear and speak, whom need become of what they already do know. Independent by spirit in silence is to truly know.

by Daughter of Goddess Lilith

Art :James Carling (English, 1857–1887)