~ Female figure.
Date: 300 B.C. – 200 B.C.
Place of origin: Canosa, Italy
Period: Hellenistic Period



Let’s talk about Lilith, okay.

Let’s talk about how she knew from the start that she was worthy, was great, was equal to anything this new universe could throw at her, and most especially equal to Adam. Let’s talk about the way she wouldn’t compromise herself or her sexuality, wouldn’t take part in sex acts she didn’t like no matter the pressure. Let’s talk about how rather than submit she ran as fast and far as her feet could carry her, and somewhere along the way she stole the name of God like Prometheus stealing fire, the greatest secret in the universe and the biggest cheat code for reality. Let’s talk about how, when God sent angels to drag her back to Adam, she laughed in their faces and used the Name to give them the finger, to banish them from her presence. They couldn’t lay a hand on her.

Let’s talk about how she chose the greatest angel of them all for her consort—not husband, but freaking consort, and no, I’m not talking about Lucifer with his gilded wings and whiny bitchface. Lilith wasn’t interested in a baby throwing a tantrum. No, she picked Sammael, not the most beautiful but the most powerful angel of them all, the angel of Death and justice, who never Fell because God needed him too much to call him on all the shit he pulled. Let’s talk about how the most dangerous, terrifying angel in all the heavenly host fell to his knees for the first woman, loved her and adored her because he saw what she was and could not look away.

Let’s talk about how their children were monstrous but Lilith loved them anyway. Let’s talk about how she refused to abandon them or destroy them, let’s talk about how she gave each and every one its own name, and when they needed a home she had Sammael carve Hell out of the earth for her, for them, so they would always have a safe place away from God and Adam.

Let’s talk about how she heard about Eve—her replacement, her rival—and instead of being jealous sent Sammael to warn her. Let’s talk about how Lilith used her consort to send Eve the apple, to give her knowledge and self-awareness because she wanted Eve to have the same freedom Lilith had found. You don’t have to be a slave, all you are is yours.

It didn’t work, but she tried.

Let’s talk about how Lilith has been used as a warning for thousands of years, the first and best Bad Girl. Be good be quiet obey or you’ll end up just like that. Let’s talk about this woman who refused to bow her head, who told the world to fuck off and snatched immortality from between the bars of her cage, made herself more than human with nothing more than will and fire. Let’s talk about a woman who took an angel for a consort without ever giving up her sovereignty over herself, who cherished her children when others called them evil. Who built her own kingdom when Earth and Heaven didn’t want her, and rules it as an Empress.

You say I’ll end up just like her? That’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.

Perfect child….

The Garden, she noticed upon first touching the earth, was too small. The walls pressed in, too tall and too dark. She felt the grass under her feet, soft and new and unharmed, not a single blade broken. Winds blew through the Garden, and then past it. They said to her: feed us. Follow us into the desert. Walk next to us, carry nothing but the sun with you. But when she turned her face to the sun God said, you would turn your back on this man, and for what? But she did not see a man; she saw only what Mattered and what Did Not Matter. She saw the grass, broken only under Adam’s feet, and she saw the sky. The sun. The mercury-still mirror of the lake. She saw herself. And she turned to face God and said in a voice louder than He had given her: to walk, Lord, free of the chains you would have me wear. To walk.

VII: Lilith  (via francisthegreat)