For you my sister


Alexander Stuart-Hill (1889-1948) – Patricia

A gift is she we call sister

A gentle heart that will snap the neck of another whom dares to harm you

A beautiful maiden that will love to have time to dream ,and is consumed with only of that are children

A gift to the world the one that I call sister..

A tender voice that will scream at the top of the tallest step to stop harm

A glimmering soul that will help to the extent she forgets her own needs for to often.

A gift from the heavens is one that I call my sister…

Daughter of Goddess Lilith 10/18/2016


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


At 4:23 am, October 16 2016 (UTC time) The Moon opposed The Sun at 23 Aries-Libra.

What I found useful was to focus on the part of myself that does not speak through the language of emotion, intellect, intuition – and so on.

It´s that primal spark of consciousness that simply IS.

The more you tune into, or simply .. be-come that … spark, the more you will (almost paradoxically) find your place with all Else.

The energy of this Full Moon, especially with Eris (23 Aries) and Uranus (22) Aries) conjunct the Moon is volatile. So much of the Self is bring broken down and, in that process, re-constructed and re-signified through new structures of consciousness.

For an overview of Eris/Uranus and a guided egg meditation to assist with coping in its more extreme forms, go to:

Much of this process challenges us to move past our ideals of…

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