“The Mother Deep” what does this mean to most of you in relation to “Absolute=no limit”. Compared to ” Nothing”, for it is deeper than anything… Deep Thinkers all things must be, but a circle or oval a symbol of the great mother and of the egg of the universe mean changeless, absolute “0”. “0” can not be added to, subtracted from,multiplied, nor divided and is a perfect numerical symbol. The Tarot is represented by “The Fool”? TenFold from the “Absolute” philosophers always described it by negatives, and Boehme says ” It may fitly be compared to nothing, for it is deeper than anything, and is as nothing with respect to all things” The Mother deep – all deep thinkers for that in which lies the potentiality of all things must be excisting. Mother Deep is the abyss. The existance, but having absolute nothingness. To be at this level some say is to be at Absolute BLISS or enlightment. This is one man whom knew the true meaning of “The Mother Deep” as a great thinker I know the deep thinkers out there would find this interesting as well… It is the fool who gives it all up? or are we the fools.



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