Sacred Marriage – what is it?

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Michael Conneely Michael Conneely

I have been reading what Mukti, the wife of Enlightened Teacher, Adyashanti, said in interview about Sacred Marriage. This is worthwhile reading. For info on worldwide distance learning course on kundalini meditaiton that leads to this level of enlightenemnt see Helen Hamilton:

Here is what Mukti writes:
That which is awake was calling since I was very, very young. I was raised Irish Catholic and felt that a love of God and Christ was foundational to my life. There was a tremendous yearning to know God. When I was seven, my parents found the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, and, with that, new perspectives opened up for me. As a young adult, I heard a talk by one of Yogananda’s disciples, Brother Anandamoy, on spiritual marriage. I must have listened to this talk on tape dozens and dozens of times. And the one line that deeply penetrated me…

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