I reminded myself with this old image I posted back in 2011 .. My angel telling me and allowing acceptance of love to enter  Firstly removing all the false love around me, removing the lust that had been disguised as love. Allowing the self love to build overflowing to extend outward to help rebuild with love.. my intent was always pure and still I never have failed to that listening of the soul.. 

My angels allowing me to reopen my heart and accepting what was being presented was in fact true from the soul.. 

I accept as they guided and I remember I have become what they allowed… 

In trust you should allow your angels hearts to guide.. 

Blessings to you all and a mere image of what I had wished upon a very long time ago.. allows that energy back today in my life.

My angels to review what has come and what is true around my heart.. shall be.. as that direction is still passing thru my life.. and I always follow with the purest intent gifts from my angels hearts.. 

 My love to you my Angels.. source of my heart  Source of my protection 


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