Total eclipse of Blood Moon on night of October 7-8

October ~ Hunter’s moon the hunting for love…. The hunting season begins in October, thus the name hunter’s moon. This is a good time to align yourself with nature and conducting magikal rituals concerning animal issues, such as finding your personal animal guide, totem or relating to your birth totem. It is as well time of Pegasus who is associated with Alpheratz star in Aries. swiftness, speed, free spirits and the euphoria of being finally set free. It is falling on Alpheratz in Andromedam which is liberation and setting free…

The hunter’s moon—also known as blood moon or sanguine moon—is the first full moon after the harvest moon, which is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox.

shade of celestial red and maybe turquoise, too. My image of Pegasus, Ironic that it is the year of the horse  always had been a wonderful color of white and turquoise..

Alpheratz is the star in the head of Princess Andromeda who was chained to a rock by her father. She was used as a sacrifice to in order to save her fathers kingdom from Poseidon’s wrath. Is this duty before love, or symbolic of patriarchy’s chaining of the wild and liberating sexuality of the divine feminine. Hence the blood moon…

Alpheratz is also connected to Pegasus. Ironically  On the whole this is a lucky star, because in the end Andromeda is rescued by love, her hero Perseus.

Last year it was on Oct 18th, lunar eclipse.. yes this is normal … those whom watch the moons and pray by the moons… see this moon each year…next will be on October 27 in 2015 so enjoy yourselves.. it is an energy that brings in the warmth of love.. it is the time of the year after the harvest in which we hunt for that warmth from our lover or to finding our lover.. or those that have been hiding their love will be out and in the open or possible to be setting them free to cut the chains and allowing them to be liberated and no longer tied to false chains for selfish one sided love. So overall it is in overall a loving time, depending on the intent of the person and the situation in the current moment. It is the karmic time of release, to release or to be true is met with a karmic release… no you do not have to face this again if you are pure to the heart of all as if it is your own, everyone involved is blessed one way or the other..

Blessed be.. get your altars ready and the most important item that will be in your circle during this ritual, even not a focus, will be your heart which is to be pure or it will be purified..

As above so below, as below as above.. yes.. the color of the beating heart that beats with each pulse blood thru to the wonderful life you have designed..


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