Strength and Lust on this Blood Hunteress Full Moon

Through the Sirius star Sekhmet is Keeper 
Give us help and guidance from your Sahu body
Purification of pain, release and heal
The sweetest taste of the blood that has been taken 
Your Right is Honor and Wisdom of Ra
Your Left Bast 
The love of your children 
We call upon you to heal the pain and bring justice with ISIS dance

With the intention only pure for on to them as they have sent it is the Hunter to be hunted by the Huntress
To deliver back into the earth the liars thieves and harmful ones.. they are the fowl, domestic cocks that need to be delivered and face the Huntress… 

Deliver to them what they have cast to others for if the intent is pure so be the deliverance.. 

Sa Sekhmet Sahu
Sa Sekhmet Sahu
Sa Sekhmet Sahu

So mote it be.. 

With the energies of love and will , my heart and soul of Daughter of Goddess Lilith 

I honor you as with a taste of pomegranate wine as I dance as Hathor So Mote it be.. 

I call on to thee 

image: Daughter of Goddess Lilith


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