My energies during this solar eclipse, my ruling planet, Venus..those whom understand can see… my Lilith sign in Scorpio for me and how wonderful the zero degree of the abyss…it is the cloak and working I will deliver to the pure intentions of those whom it shall rest… it will be done… for the truths of the will shall deliver on to what is deserved… Huntress new moon as she the moon still thirsty for her blood.. as she will HUNT the HUNTER»» The outdoors she owns and within the wind the sound of her army will bring to you what is with the rights of her soul….. Never take light the crackles of the wind for the message will dress your aura and rip each layer to un hide the beast and she will Dance like the moon… as you take the last breath… for taking away the light… of her Suns …

So mote it be..

Daughter of Goddess Lilith  


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