O the feeling
Captured by lifetime before
The restriction was not to be accepted

Dance all you Goddess and Gods 
For you are brave wise and honored
The ordeal provided by the divine for you to escape

They tempt you with fear, teach you false faith 
For it is that feeling, which ignites the weapon of courage again by each attempt

O the divine wisdom knowing the painful removal of all by flight
Faced within now resides as the warriors sword of courage 

They must face the Lord and Ladies before,
They must learn what they have placed to another
They must see what was once, the feeling they beared upon you

It is said to have given the warriors divine strength and made them impervious to pain during battle
A Trance we dressed that pain, and call it a blessing throughout the painful ritual 

As tattoo not felt, for hours as they pierce and pull and inflict
Our divine gift, smiles during this time, since the reward as it is taking place we understand the magickal numbness now

Ahhhh Bliss… They stand in amazement as not a flinch did you make, not an emotion.. 

Ahhh and now fear stares back on too their face and souls,
Their attempts cannot break the shields of a Goddess/Gods soul 

Reflections off a mirror of divine liquid light shielded on your vessel
Uniformed as One 
But we do not seek the acts of mans karmic war

We are masters and maidens dressed in our final soul
No longer held to the attachments that they use to tempt 
Those attachments in which create the earth bound Karma for you to return 
We are freed not fallen

For the ritual by WILL allowed us to regain self
For the ritual by LOVE allowed us to accept
For the ritual of DIVINE wisdom taught brings forth the soul to appear 
Man calls it a Trance state, to endure pain, at times of torture

For our elder ones have been burned, tortured, killed and faced the most abuse by the blind controlling beasts, whom call themselves Holy, creating the Karma onto themselves 

We no longer see with eyes, hear with our ears or taste with our tongues, we now only transform from such attachments and now have the grace to the gateway of our elders wisdom

As the wind around the aura sings of the voices of our elders, 
The soul comes forth, those blind only awaken upon a human death will release their final breath as the heart no longer beats warm blood, and is fallen

But we have beared a divine Abyss, transformation of self to soul,
As the Divine living death, our blood still beats with warmth in our hearts, but the soul has cometh forth as we breath alive

As a daughter/son rebirthed onto the Goddess/God
Now with a blossomed seed, a Lotus a Lily 
We see,hear and taste with the soul

Dressed with armor of the highest scarlet light
We no longer feel pain they inflict,
The whisper, from the higher self once it starts ” we have survived much more, return to the nothingness in mind,remove the last that is what they call attachment for that is how they seek, your emotions, your fear, your pain, your earthless body no longer touches this realm, YOUR ARE DIVINE, YOU NOW WALK AS SHE, YOU TAKE ONTO HER FORM “

Now the souls presence and the final dance as we are blessed, 

They cannot see this, it is not for them to know 

They can not control an Angel who stands by the sea of happiness

By Daughter of Goddess Lilith on 11/27/2014 as born of Dark Moon Lilith Asc 1st house, Asc. Libra May 10 1972 Brooklyn NY (kings) at 6:00 PM
This was written during my transits
Venus in 1st house, Venus 1, 
activity period from 21 October 2014 until 13 November 2014
[Moon trine Chiron, exact at 04:18 (L)
Moon trine Moon, exact at 09:12 (L)
Moon sextile Uranus, exact at 03:26 (L)

II honor you my Lord and Ladies, I honor the wisdom, I honor my ordeals.. for it has brought forth a Divine Goddess, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you 
I love you … spoken from my soul ..


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