Legends of The Dark Priesthood

In the dawn of shadow-fire,
a Raven king dreams…

Over solemn ground winds of fate begin to wail;
seduced by the nocturnal rapture of a primeval spell
Acheronian dreams draped over nocuous splendor
— Living nightmares forged in prophecies of hell

Like a black tide they rose up from the netherworld;
a chilling symphony of screams shattering the skies
~ They are the Legends of the Dark Priesthood
Suspended in arrowed-twilight, their fury cries

Whispering shadows bleed upon twisted branches
A chilling fable glistening in an opus of death
Dark priests fuse night’s accent with lucid odium
Ravenous apparitions seek thy last breath!

Spirits of the dead wither over hallowed waters,
as gothic voices cold-stream into mortal veins
Humanity staggers in a haze of esoteric requiem
Winged priests swarm down like black rain

Midnight crusades undress the solace of oblivion
Crimson sentinels swoon over mountains vast  
Weeping Angels dissolve into the gloaming..
Thoughts of a befallen sun shall be their last

The moon falls in waves of acrid delirium
Seething in fields of wilting roses, shadows feed
An exodus of black feathers graze winter’s poise
In the pitch of darkness, I shall forever bleed

Saturnine dreams ebb in mists of bloodlust
Corvid eyes flicker in the heart of human fears
Echoes of stone linger in the aura of sacrifice
Poisoned alchemy rises in celestial tears

O’ dark is my love seeking rivers dreary..
Vanquished gods hallucinate in velvet decay
The pages of life burn in a shivering halo
Clad in Legend — immortal wings of prey

Arthur Crow © 2014


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