The Age of Gemini – Healing the Hemisphere Split

Blessed be. Gemini I always knew deep down, within the age of Gemini our Goddess standing shifted, very blessed to read this wonderful outlined in detail blog. Very well written… especially for the past New Moon… Blessed be may the Goddess stand with you . Be as wise as a serpent ( inner), but as pure as a dove (outer) . We all know within the truths associated as she has blessed us with that wisdom, keeping in silent is the key, and conducting the shift with no harm to none… Blessed be…

Daughter of Goddess Lilith…

Cycles of Healing

Gemini is most always depicted as The Twins – usually twin boys.  During the Age of Gemini the matri-clan system began to morph into the matri-family. Briefly, groups began to develop with a female co-head along with her brother. The husband of the ruling female was not important at this stage, but gained importance during the Age of Taurus (for more detail see last month’s article). This ‘twinning’ of sister and brother rulers has been largely misunderstood probably because the matri-clan system in the first place seems too bizarre to contemplate for contemporary anthropologists. Interestingly, prior to Rome  (the Age of Aries), many cultures depicted Gemini as a couple: man and woman, representing yang and yin – balance. The  twinning of sister/brother rulership began in the Age of Gemini and the symbolism of the Age is spot on, as usual, if we go back far enough.

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