My eye looks for shared experiences within my reality.  They are my own, as you have yours.  As I look at this great piece of art, the webs are very much the same I see in the night of parallel study… they can be touched and move in frequency beyond.

Blessed be… Thank you Sigsmund… 



sigismond ivanowski

(Note: Sigismond (Sigismund) Ivanowski,  1832-1898, was born in Poland, but lived in the United States most of his life. He was a portraitist and illustrator and, at one time, a court painter to Tsar Nicholas II.

 The village he was born in belongs today to Poland and is shared between the Ukraine and Poland. His illustrations appeared in Century, McClure”s and Harper’s, among others, and this is an illustration of Pan for Century Magazine. – shadesandshadows)


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