Art 2015 May Daughter of Goddess Lilith 

An Akashic Memory

As I have been traveling within my evenings for the past few years on the astral, my records of life have unfolded many ways that one can touch so many lives within a very short period of time. Those records have been shown to many, some do need help in readings since they have a missing element this time around as we pass along our holy tree of life, and wisdom. Within once we are gifted, by the most holy God/dess energy, that amount of time, is designed to outline purity, as we then walk within this time, the signs are designed to showing that energy as it walks with you each day. It is not for all to understand, but will. I have given myself fully to my faith within, to knowing, to living with the pure faith of love, truths regardless of bringing the learning to the hardest emotions of love to the most deepest connections. It is a wonderful place with each second once you have access to understanding what is around, for we are never alone. As within so without, as above so below, if the physical body is not pure to its most elemental faith, cleanse, remove all and start again… Within that seed is shining and it is a magnet of energy that you do surround yourself. A Protection of the highest golden armor, build by those recorded lives, as warrior a mirror reflection you do shine.
As wisdom is received from all particles of learning in each moment, in full intention for all builds a golden fountain called faith, you have recorded once divine. We call this an Akashic record. The Akash… I do believe, within each of us, regardless of what the eye cannot see holds a world of enlightenment that carries on our soul. Like a silent movie, that your soul reads by watching as reflecting upon the given light by angelic deeds, sacrifices are gifts. Each should be seen with gratitude. always as we travel from the “æther” to the “Kingdom”.
What makes you feel, see and grow, can either be a lesson in which we need to come back over and over to discover, or face now, with the heart of the golden wealth that you hold just a few inches away all the time around you… Build your realities as you so design, for when the body is removed, that is what still remains… Blessings and love to you all…
My love and wishes for all of you, to be loved, protected and see that we all have exactly what we need within… Smile in this moment as you are reading my heart and seeing my soul.. in this final lifetime as I am believe my Kingdom has been designed…
Happiness is defined by such wisdom, we are not one but many…
Blessings… and love to you all.. Believe in the one’s that see with their soul… it holds the most wisdom if we just ask our higher selves to provide, as you are ready… each of us has a higher self that is glowing and attracting the energies to the same, in each moment a gift..
A gift to you, when your ear is ringing, except the wisdom, for it is a whisper once the awakening starts. what is to be delivered… Some call a direct whisper from your angels, as it rings just say… I welcome in the wisdom, and I am filled with gratitude, regardless of the lesson.. Trust in this… it is the wisdom of the higher recordings being read to you.. directly, you will awaken each day after as you walk the astral to knowing that which is sent to you within, will see in the “now” the knowing reality. Some call as what still remains.
Each of us is a star and each of us is a whisper…
A Devi prayer… is the magick you bring to all around you, by bringing back magick into others lives. Within your intent, of purity will shine in those moments when you are removed from everything, the hardness can build if ill intent, but for those whom learned and are armored only angelic deeds are created, with the hardest sacrifices of courage, only that is when we record. Trust that within each dark place, you are a shining golden moon, endless, limitless, illumination, further than our physical plain can see, but the wisdom we do hold. As a light that gives life and rebirth to the sun, so as you will design.
Love you all…

Julianne -Designed by Daughter of Goddess Lilith…A Mother/Maiden of the highest Angelic King. A Crone built as a holder of the Akashic wisdom. Dancing along the Gift of the fruitful Tree of knowledge, by Gratitude to the Otherworld wise Ancient Ones before, Goddess within whom is wise as the serpent, and as loving as the purest Dove…

Prayer by the Moon and Sacrifices that have the gift of mysteries of each life the Sun…Universal love and kisses are always placed upon them for it is only a second that we can not return to, that as we read has passed. Each cherished moment within the very second, to provide the next love to be magickal in all aspects of belief, nothing is fixed, everything is always changing. it is the magick that is built within and brings to all around… Teach one and they will teach the next, do it with intentions of the highest return the passing onto payment in three deeds of goodness to another forward. When in all no harm to none… not even yourselves. 

Akash love divine

art by:Daughter of Goddess Lilith 


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