Womb sounds bring back the comfort to your soul..

We are free, they tell us

The conditioning of our generations had been taking place beyond thousands of years.  The manner of control happens in each of our lives, be it the teacher or being the student they are both being altered from their natural state.

The natural state if one can understand is the state of coming out of our womb, yes our womb, since it was designed to being the first place we would be seeded to grow.  We are still very much that same being, as we lay down in a pool of water and we close our eyes we can allow that feeling if so desired to be an image of the memory.

Try it.

What takes place from the time we are born to death, is a manner of opinion.  We are a soul,

The great ones, before us.  We can serve and learn to center within and to come to helping when the others need the guidance back home.

In a great analogy we learn from our prior ancient ones the concept of honor.  Honoring our self, our being as being the most holy place in which shelters as in the womb our divine soul.

A soul that has been born to a conditioned alter state.  Remember

Here go back..comfort your soul…  Mothers womb

Sounds of the womb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4tS5zm87CA


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