Wiccan/Pagan Solitary Studies Support and Sharing Wisdom Goddess Lilith Wiccan / Pagan Solitary Daughter.
One woman’s journey thru Divorce, Love, Fear, Facing the Past that holds us to our realities today, overcoming restrictions, remembering and learning from the wise ones before us who had been faced with slavery, discrimination, torture and death. Deaths that are not held as a sin, by any …political law or Churches.  Deaths of woman/men whom we call now midwife, scientists, nurses, caretakers, beautiful maidens of desire who suffered death due to a jealous common close minded woman “Eve’s” or due to man having lust unwarranted just by her/his beautiful smile.  Limits to sexual pleasures, restrictions on what is called good and bad as social balance.  Limits brought to control the lives of common people for purpose no other than selfish scare tactics.  Commoner’s who have to be told what to think, how to live and how to be socially acceptable in the eyes of a common laws man or church.  Held back from true spiritual, physical and earth,sky and the true universe of life, creation of balance wisdom.  Their loss of this deep knowledge, wisdom, and courage only allowed them to follow a faith that has drawn limits to her pleasures and created false fears and words of “evil, devil and hell” to limit them from seeking out the true old religions which we all hold inside.  The first breathe of life she placed inside our souls.  They would limit the beliefs to have control of her/his path.  We have learned to honor the Goddess in her rights to teach us the knowledge, wisdom and we show the courage determination to live without man made restrictions/limits or false fears or hold negative energies that manifest regrets.  For we follow the laws of Karma, threefold and know for what energy we send out will surround us.  We are in control of our energies, we are given the gift of knowledge from the old ones which we will study and pass to our next generation of rebirth souls, some older than ours.  For what we cannot find within we can never do without.  This is a page to share your wisdom and a place to feel safe to share your inner goddess / god.  We never pass judgment, we harm none, but we will learn our history and build on such to bring our daughters, sons, sisters and brothers higher to the enlightenment of our creation and faith.  As above so below… Blessed be.
Daughter of Goddess Lilith



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